Perfecting the leg rail curve for #drinkscabinet in #walnut & #steel

The new drinks cabinet will have two curved leg rails, both peeling inwards from the front and back legs to meet in the centre, where they will be joined by a steel rod conduit.  As well as joining and strengthening the legs, the rails are prominent decorative feature and must compliment the overall design so the curve must be as perfect possible.  I hope to achieve this by creating a template and adjusting the shape by hand.  This template will then be used to create a lamination forma that can bend and glue several straight strips of solid walnut together to make the curved form.   



Bedroom wardrobes in Black Walnut with Walnut Burr Panels

Last year we installed these lovely walnut cabinets in the second bedroom of a house in North London. The client requested the specific burr for the doors, the book-matched leaves suggesting a nautical theme with spindle fish and jellyfish. The project also included twin chest of drawers for the master bedroom and hallway console and mirror. 

Materials: Black Walnut and Walnut Burr


Walnut Dining Table, 'Foal'

Affordable luxury from Heliconia Furniture.  This narrow refectory table in walnut has a long bevelled edged top supported by delicate profiled legs.  Originally designed with a clients small living room in mind, the style of the table is inspired by the gait of running horses and the pedestrian Motorway bridges.

Available to buy on Etsy