I helped Irainian Artist, Setareh Aminelahi to realise her complex vision. This set of three intricate functional sculptures are as detailed and complex physically as they are poetically and were a real challenge.

Scattered Tribe - Black Walnut, Red Mirror, Red Plexiglass - 2017 & 2018

Setareh Aminelahi, explains her complex work ‘Scattered tribe’ in the Persian language of Farsi. It is translated below;

استیتمنت : واژه " قوم " ، با سه حرفِ پراکنده ، خاموشانه روایت می کند : حکایت قومی که به رغمِ هر آنچه می رود ، بارِ امانت را عاشقانه به دوش می کشد. هر حرف ، به تنهایی و در فاصله با حرفِ دیگر ، در اندوهی سرخ ، جسمیت یافته و نهانخانه ای دارد و پیکره ای پر روزن. گشایشِ روزنه ها ، به تمامی ، تنها در یک نقطه و در یک ارتفاع مشخّص ، حادث می شود. نامِ روشنِ آن " امید " است.

Statement : The word "tribe" consists of three letters in Persian language and narrates silently with three scattered letters. It tells the story of a tribe that carries the trusted burden on their shoulders compassionately despite whatever goes to them. Every letter of this word is visualized solely, detached from the other letters, in a red sorrow and solitude and has a porous figure. The thorough opening of the pores happens at one point and at a certain height. "Hope" is the bright name of this point.